I require a lot of measurements in order to make your suit. If you are unsure as to how to take the necessary measurements, please seek a professional to help you.

NOTICE:**** Please note that when making your measurements that you should measure while in your under garments and not with your normal clothing on at the same time. This is due to the fact that your clothes may be more loose fitting or more bulky which when the jumpsuit is produced by these measurements they would be false.

Once I receive your measurements, I will construct a blank shell that will be sent to you for a fitting. At this time, make note of any alterations that are needed, if any, in order to make it fit better or more comfortable. Please use safety pins to take in the areas that are too big or to mark areas that are too tight. PLEASE TAKE CARE TO KEEP YOUR JUMPSUIT CLEAN AS IT WILL BECOME YOUR FINISHED JUMPSUIT. Please feel free to call me if you are unsure how to do it and maybe we can do it over the phone. You can have as many fittings as you like before the design is put on. PLEASE BE SURE OF THE FIT. ONCE YOU GIVE ME THE "GO AHEAD" THERE IS VERY LITTLE THAT CAN BE DONE AFTER THAT IN TERMS OF ALTERATIONS. Once we have established a good fit, your measurements go on file. When the suit is completed, the balance will be due before the suit is sent to you.

MEASUREMENTS NEEDED (please print and send with order)

2. Chest (while inhaling) (IN INCHES, NOT SUIT COAT SIZE)
4. Hips (largest part)
5. Sleeve length (from shoulder to wrist, arm slightly bent)
6. Shoulder to shoulder
7. Inseam (with boots on)
8. Thigh
9. Upper arm
10. Back length (neck bone to waist)
11. Girth (top of shoulder, down the front of the body, between your legs and back up to the same shoulder) This is a crucial measurement. Have someone help you.
12. Arm hole opening
13. From side of neck to shoulder
14. Kick pleat (from knee to end of pants)
15. Neck
16. Holding arm straight out, measure from armpit to end of sleeve.
17. Armpit to top of knee joint.
18. Your height (with boots and without boots)
19. Top of hip to floor.